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Employment Advice Helpline - Call now for expert employment advice Employment Advice Helpline – Call now for expert employment advice



0800 810 8765


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Fatima Ali

As a qualified solicitor Fatima is an expert in all areas of employment law. Her expertise and ...

Gary Waites

Over 30 years experience in all areas of employment law in particular within the Education ...

Lee Churchill

With his military background, extensive health and safety and employment law knowledge together ...

Glynis Culley

Glynis has been practicing HR Management for over 35 years and guides Directors and Business ...

Joy Gately

With a proven track record of over 30 years and an excellent reputation in employment law and ...

Daniel Yongo

Daniel will be able to advise you in all areas such as terms and conditions of employment and ...

Bev Wood

Bev is an experienced consultant specialising in sensitive areas in relation to the health and ...

Andy Mills

Andy has specialist knowledge and experience in advising and advocating in relation to complex ...


As one of the UK’s leading advice services we promise to give each customer the information and help they need. With our customer based ethos we focus on providing our clients with the support they need. Our extensive experience allows each and every customer to feel comfort in the knowledge that they are being provided with quality advise from knowledgeable experts.

At Employment Advice we are committed to helping each and every customer to the highest standard. We provide employment advice of the highest quality from leading experts in law from across the UK. Our services range from advice over the phone to face to face meetings at no cost. We can arrange advice for those in need of quality expertise across the employment sector from hospitality to office based work environments.

Here at Employment Advice we have a large yet dedicated team who are highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of employment law. With teams dedicated to varied area of employment law, you can be sure that we will assign the right person for your case. Our team are trusted experts specialise in many areas of law, so we can guarantee that the right person with the correct skill set will be assigned to you – no matter the issue or query.

“we can guarantee that the right person with the correct skill set will be assigned to you”


ACAS – what does it stand for?

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. Their purpose is to improve working relations between employers and employees through mediated support. The support offered is situational and temporary, relating only to a particular dispute and resolution. The acas helpline offers free support to both employees and employers and advises everyone on how to act within the guidelines of the acas code of practice. At this stage it is important to note that we are not acas and have no affiliation or connection with them.

We are the Employment Advice & Help Service. How do we differ from ACAS?

The main difference between us and acas is that our free helpline offers guidance and assistance to employers only. This is very important as our advisory team have specific experience in solving and protecting business owners and employers rights across the UK. We can offer quick options and solution around issues such as acas disciplinary scenarios, flexible working requirements and how to handle grievances. However our support will always ensure that you remain within the strict guidelines on the acas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Our helpline offers many more features and benefits. 

You will be able to call our helpline on 0800 810 8765 and speak immediately to an advisor that can assist you and your business. Some of the most common issues that we resolve will often revolve around queries that will be based on the acas code of conduct, such as

  • TUPE
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Flexible working
  • Employment Tribunal support
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Grievances
  • Discrimination
  • Settlement agreements
  • Maternity,  paternity
  • Gross misconduct

Calling our helpline will ensure that your business remains efficient and you avoid getting procedures wrong and being drawn into a long and costly legal negotiations. We specialise in giving you the answers you need quick. However if you would like to speak to Acas directly you can contact them on 0330 123 1100 or you can visit the Acas website or contact them by following this link http://www.acas.org.uk/helpline

Acas Pre conciliation, what is this and how do I deal with an Acas conciliator? 

Acas pre conciliation is a new initiative brought in by the government. The purpose of this is to reduce simple and easily resolvable claims that can clog up the court system. Acas will now try and mediate and resolve issues before they turn into a long employment tribunal process. We also offer free on-site face to face visits along with free training on how to handle an acas conciliator.

Contracts of Employment and Documentation. 

Employment contracts and handbooks are the corner stone of all business and should always be in place as soon as you take on staff. If you are ensure whether you have contracts of employment or have not updated them in the last 6 to 12 months then please call us on 0800 8108760 and we will guide you in the right direction and give you full support on how to handle this situation.

Our advice is simple with no jargon and we can handle all and any situation.


0800 810 8765

Employment Help is a free advisory service for employers, offered by Avensure Ltd. It has no connection or affiliation with ACAS